How the COVID-induced lockdown has affected sex drive in men

Lockdown. It has changed the world. Something we didn’t even think about maybe a year ago has become the word on everyone’s lips. Not leaving home except for essential journeys, staying away from loved ones and wearing a face mask have all become part of everyday life. But one of the unexpected consequences of the COVID-induced lockdown has been a downturn in the sex drive of men. In the UK and USA, retailer Superdrug commissioned a survey that showed 28% of men say their libido has decreased.

Yes, it’s not just you. It has struck all over the world. There are several reasons why lockdown has affected the libido of men globally. As we take a look at these one by one, we’ll detail what has happened in the world to affect men like you.


One of the most overlooked aspects of the male sex drive is stress and anxiety. There’s no doubt that we’re living through strange, stressful times. The different stresses we’re all facing at the moment include:

• Concerns about relationships
• Financial concerns
• Worry about family members.

All of these combine to make us feel like the world we’re living in is a stressful place. And that has a massive effect on our sex drive. Your mind goes into ‘flight or fight’ mode and one of the last things you think about is sex for pleasure. The Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a study of 459 people in China and found that 1 in 4 found their sexual desire reducing.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Another major factor is that as men we’re not putting the right things in our body at the moment. Add to this the lack of exercise and there’s no wonder we’re suffering. Studies have shown that we’re drinking more, eating more (plus more of the wrong foods) and we’re smoking more. Now, those things together are a recipe for sexual decreasing.

The flow of blood to the penis is a major factor in having a strong sex drive – and then being able to do something about it. Nicotine, fatty foods, sugar and alcohol all affect the flow of blood around the body in a negative way. That means you’re much less likely to get the hard-on that you want and need for your pleasure – and the one of your partner.

‍Kids Around Much More

Now, if you’re anything like the rest of the male population, the urge to have sex doesn’t just appear at bedtime. We get horny at all times of the day. But if you’ve got kids then during lockdown they’re, well, erm, just always there. If you do get an urge during the day, then your ability to do something about it diminishes to about zero. And there’s no certainty that it will come back later in the day. Once the kids are back at school and the pressures of the COVID-induced pandemic alleviate, your sex drive will likely come back again. But in the meantime, home schooling definitely has some unintended consequences.

And did you know that a lack of sex leads to…

A lack of sex. Our hormones rage when we’re having a lot of sex, pushing us to seek it out more. And then the opposite happens too. When you’re having less sex, you’re producing less of the sex hormones and then wanting sex far less. Talk about Catch-22! And it can be difficult to break the cycle. Don’t forget that your partner is probably having all the same anxieties as you.


One of the major factors that has affected libido in lockdown is the fact that you can’t date, can’t meet up with people and all the bars are closed. If this has been your way of meeting new partners, then your access to sexual partners has diminished to almost zero. Now, when you take this into account with what has been said above, you can quickly lose your libido. Being on your own can lead to a prolonged loss of sex drive.

What Can You Do About It?

Great question! You don’t have to suffer in silence, worrying that your erectile issues over lockdown take over your life. Unfortunately, this is affecting many men across the planet. But the good news is that you can make a change. While lockdown doesn’t look like it’s going to go away any time soon, you can take action. Healthier eating habits & lifestyle together with a sprinkle of diversity in your daily routine could do wonders. For physical impediments to your sexual life you can contact our  tele-health service for erectile dysfunction medicine. We are here to help you understand your options and make a change. You deserve it.

Sexual health and overall health are inherently related. If erectile dysfunction is interrupting your sex life, your general wellbeing (and that of your partner) is impacted greatly. We want to help.

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